Saturday, March 11, 2006

TEC Part 5

I'm only posting these cos' I'm confident that John will never bother to peruse my poopy scrabblings. Otherwise I'd be too afeared to show them!
EDIT: Comments weren't showing up here for a while, but now that it's fixed, I noticed John has commented, so I might not keep this post here long. ^///^

However, For those of you who have been following the Team Effort Comic at motlos, you know that 2 of us would take turns doing chapters. However, further plans had been delayed since last year and ultimately cancelled. But, since folks have been asking me about my part, which was long finished, I decided to put it here. I did everything back to back so part 7, which was also my part, is drawn but not coloured since then. That won't be posted cos', well it just feels weird to post where Mr. K. can see this old thing, haha. I had a hard enough time posting this scribble from last year back when Mr.K was hardly at motlos, and here he's a regular for blogspot! Eek! John-- if you're looking at these I hope I've not insulted you!

There's lots of "inside jokes" in this chapter, so unless you were at motlos since the middle of last year, you might not catch all of them. XP

Monday, March 06, 2006

Here's my crap quickie of Jude Law. You like? *crickets chirping*.......Didn't think so. Ah, well. It's me only scrabblin' for today. I've been doing more sewing as of late; mainly for my first venture into the world of jewellery design. The good folks at Arcane Nonesuch have asked to collaborate with me for a new collection of miniature doll pendants.

They're super-tiny; here's one of them next to a quarter. I sent of 4 of these, each one a little different from the other to kick off the line. I'm really hoping that these do well. As soon as they have them ready I will put up the link. These folks do awesome work and I couldn't be happier to get to work with them.