Monday, September 18, 2006

Yaaagh, I'm going to have to upgrade my webshop. This one I have now is way too limited for the things I want to add and do. It's getting too "cramped", so still no drawings yet while I tangle with this. Until then, however, and for all you Svankmajer fans----Lunacy, his new film!!

  • Grand Guignol terror and raw meat

  • I can't wait! But I'll have least until Decenber. XP

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Back to (virtual) civilisation!
    Ahhhh, it's nice to finally have a break. Aside from being busy with various side projects, a new, steady job(yay!), I've also been working away with putting together a webstore. And now it's finally complete! I'm a wee bit nervous about posting it here since so many people here know me and will see my nerdosity in full, but I'ma take my chances and do it anyways.

    The hard part's over, so now I can make time for my crazy scrabblin's again!