Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Random Things

Things are finally getting ready to go after a LONG wait. I have been making dolls for jewellery pieces and a larger set of "Voodoo" themed dolls. Everything I have done so far will soon be available
  • here.

  • Here is a little bit of what I do. This is another jewellery doll(scroll down a few previous entries and you'll see the first one):

    Here's one of the voodoo dolls. She's my proto'; since this one I changed the eye buttons to black and silver spirals to match the dress and put purple yarn 'highlights' in her hair.

    Some of you may remember a ways back when John K. initiated a "Draw TomKat" contest. I didn't draw them at the time cos' I was and still am sick of seeing and hearing about those morons. But when they came up again on the news yesterday I thought 'what the hell' and drew them just to do it. My caricaturing skills are rather wobbly, but here goes. Katie has what's commonly known as "sleep-eyes". She doesn't seem all that bright and those eyes definately show it. Then I see Tom as a snarky little leppychaun. Don't ask why, but he does for some reason.

    Lastly, I'm doing some experimenting with more not-gray things and sketched this little psychobilly thing. The markers are crap, so I may paint him later with a better background. Don't know if I'll keep the girl; she's just there to fill space.


    Blogger Sam said...


    12:33 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good day. The first doll looks rather chinese and not terribly gothy, but the second makes up for it.

    I really like the Psychobilly thing, and, yes, keep the girl in there. Hooray for pompadours!

    You gothy hoodlum.

    10:25 AM  
    Blogger kp said...

    Haha yeah, that first doll is a little geisha. The jewellery dolls expand a bit besides just "gothy" looks though that's the main style. I might post another one of those a bit later.

    Keep the girl, you say? Well awright then!

    12:18 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah, just maybe fix up her eyes a bit...that's just my opinion though.

    7:27 PM  
    Blogger Mitch K said...

    Heh heh, that dead stomp is really cool! Wicked drawing!

    And those dolls... SUPER wicked cool! I want to see ALL of them! And own them all, too.

    6:54 PM  
    Blogger Pedro Vargas said...

    I LOVE your dolls! They're just too kickass! and that Psychobilly drawing is way too cool. Yes, keep the girl dancing! It's the dancing that keeps those teenage zombies alive in spirit! BWAHAHAHA! hehe ok i'm calm now.

    11:14 PM  
    Anonymous Cristina said...

    I agree with my brother (Pietro). Keep the chick in the psycho drawing.

    7:02 PM  
    Blogger kp said...

    Hi there!
    Haha I have a sister named Christina too! I'm playing around with paint-colours now; as soon as I feel confident enough to slap 'em all out onto paper, I'll have a (hopefully)better- looking pic--with the dancing zombie girl! I noticed too you have a myspace--geez, who DOESN'T have one now? XD I'm
    here if y'all wanna look me up. Thanks for the comments guys!

    11:20 PM  
    Blogger The Butcher said...

    Definetly keep the girl in the drawing.

    I tried clicking your myspace but it didn't work.

    7:15 PM  
    Blogger Patt said...

    excellent rockerbilly.

    11:08 AM  
    Blogger Hryma said...

    And like my predecessors 'Keep the girl'!

    6:10 AM  

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