Monday, September 18, 2006

Yaaagh, I'm going to have to upgrade my webshop. This one I have now is way too limited for the things I want to add and do. It's getting too "cramped", so still no drawings yet while I tangle with this. Until then, however, and for all you Svankmajer fans----Lunacy, his new film!!

  • Grand Guignol terror and raw meat

  • I can't wait! But I'll have least until Decenber. XP

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Back to (virtual) civilisation!
    Ahhhh, it's nice to finally have a break. Aside from being busy with various side projects, a new, steady job(yay!), I've also been working away with putting together a webstore. And now it's finally complete! I'm a wee bit nervous about posting it here since so many people here know me and will see my nerdosity in full, but I'ma take my chances and do it anyways.

    The hard part's over, so now I can make time for my crazy scrabblin's again!

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Some of my Favourite Screen Stars

    I'm still doing the PB thing, but for now here are my top favourite people to ever grace the silver screen.
    ADD:If you're looking for my 'Rant Entry' for Eddie's Theory Blog, It's over at
    my Other Blog.

    You should be able to tell who these spooky folks are!

    .....And here's this handsome devil from the Silent Era.*swoon* :3

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Whole Characters

    Still having a rough time with making exact copies, but I'm inching along.
    Here are my first attempts at the rabbit and duck. I didn't do much erasing and going back on these, but it's quite clear I need to and get these shapes down. I'll post more of my 'progress" as I hopefully improve. XP

    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Lesson 2

    I only have a little bit to post this time. I'm drawing more of them, bu I'll just do these here.(As if you-all are anxiously anticipating my next amazing entry XD)

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Feeble Attempt in Learning the Lessons of Greatness, Part 1

    Here are my first tries at Lesson 1. I'm still working at it so I can move on to Lesson 2. Structure has always been a problem for me, so I'll contimue to practice with the lovely Preston Blair book.

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    More Random Things

    Things are finally getting ready to go after a LONG wait. I have been making dolls for jewellery pieces and a larger set of "Voodoo" themed dolls. Everything I have done so far will soon be available
  • here.

  • Here is a little bit of what I do. This is another jewellery doll(scroll down a few previous entries and you'll see the first one):

    Here's one of the voodoo dolls. She's my proto'; since this one I changed the eye buttons to black and silver spirals to match the dress and put purple yarn 'highlights' in her hair.

    Some of you may remember a ways back when John K. initiated a "Draw TomKat" contest. I didn't draw them at the time cos' I was and still am sick of seeing and hearing about those morons. But when they came up again on the news yesterday I thought 'what the hell' and drew them just to do it. My caricaturing skills are rather wobbly, but here goes. Katie has what's commonly known as "sleep-eyes". She doesn't seem all that bright and those eyes definately show it. Then I see Tom as a snarky little leppychaun. Don't ask why, but he does for some reason.

    Lastly, I'm doing some experimenting with more not-gray things and sketched this little psychobilly thing. The markers are crap, so I may paint him later with a better background. Don't know if I'll keep the girl; she's just there to fill space.